Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wessex Folk Festival

The Wessex Folk Festival is coming up soon over the weekend of the 6th - 8th June 2008 with its wonderful performers and pub open music playing and singing sessions.

Last year I had a great time there and I'm really looking forward to it.

Recently, I attended a couple of warm up sessions at Dorchester and Weymouth.

I hope to see you there :-)

Bye for now


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Dissipatedman said...

Oi! What's all this about Devon & Somerset folkies? What about great Dorset musicians like the Dissipated Men's Washboard Band lead by Dr. Marc Cruz, professor emeritus of laundry percussion at Tooting University, and featuring rising zydeco accordion star Jackson Beauregarde English whom they met researching material in the alligator ridden swamps of Louisiana (or was it the cider sodden accordionist they found writing on the walls of the crab infested bogs of the Crown Inn Fontmell Magna?)